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    Float Sink Swim Separation Tank

    For Automatic Separation of Non-Floating Materials such as Stones, Soil & Metal from Floating Plastic Materials

    The Float Sink Swim Separation Tank uses the specific densities of plastics as a principal to separate the materials with water as the utilized tool. The material is transported into the separation tank with a screw type screw or friction washer. The material flake is transported within the separation tank through a series of paddles which simultaneously push the flake under the water level to achieve a full opening of the material and allow the separation process to take affect. During the material flake transport in the separation tank the material has the ability to either sink or swim. For example PE/PP will float and PVC/PET/PA/PS or organic materials will sink to the bottom of the tank. The swim or light fraction is transported along the surface to a discharge screw or auger located at the end of the tank. The sink or heavy fraction is discharged from the bottom of the tank by a inclined discharge/dewatering screw.


    • Tank Length 6,000 mm
    • Tank Width 1,500 mm
    • Agitator Paddles Motors 5 x 1.1 kW Variable Speed
    • Final Lifting Paddle Motor 1.1 kW Variable Speed
    • Horizontal Auger Motor 3.0 kW Fixed Speed
    • Inclined Auger Motor 1.5 kW Fixed Speed
    • Water Level Control Device
    • Safety Guarding
    • Stainless Steel 304 Tank & Accessories
    • Operator Access Platform with Steps & Support Structure Fabricated from Carbon Steel & Painted


    • Independent speed control of all paddles for improved performance
    • Low cost separation of heavy contaminants from plastic
    • Soaking of material results in improved washing
    • Stainless steel contact parts
    • Safe access via mezzanine and steps

    Download Brochure [PDF]

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