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  • Shredders for Reclaim, up to Four Shaft [Satrind]

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    Shredding as first waste handling stage
    In all industrial settings, in order to efficiently process most materials, they must first be shredded to reduce their size to an acceptable dimension for the second required step.

    Purposes of shredding:
    Size or volume reduction for disposal
    Size or volume reduction for reclaiming
    Size reduction for separation of various materials
    Size reduction to prepare the material for treatment in an industrial process
    Destruction of expired or defective products
    Used to "open" a container (cans, drums, bags) in order to have access to the material or liquid inside

    Shredding applications:
    Plastic recovery and reclaiming
    Scrap car and truck tire processing
    Cable and electronic equipment recycling facilities
    Hazardous waste processing systems
    Recovery and destruction of miss-packaged, outdated, damaged, defective products
    Destruction of confidential documents
    Catering waste handling
    Volume reduction of pallets and other wooden products
    Destruction of pharmaceutical and cosmetic items to avoid improper use (expired goods, medicine containers, syringes, etc..)
    Shredding of pathological waste to avoid identification prior to disposal
    Municipal Solid Waste reduction systems and composting facilities

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