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    The ZERMA GSH series granulators are designed for the most extreme and universal applications required for todays plastic recycling facilities.
    The completely welded heavy steel manufactured construction is designed to withstand the most demanding and universal applications due to the removable deflector wedge (third stator knife).
    Rotor bearings, knife mounts and rotor shaft are oversized to cope with extreme feed stock.
    Depending on the required application the GSH series offers a complete range of rotor variants which are all built with the unique "V" cut technology.
    The complete GSH range produces a high quality granulate, whether it be from bottle crates, profiles, sheet film, pipes or start-up lumps.The machines are economical, reliable, easy to clean and have an extremely long service life.
    Zerma offers a wide range of necessary ancillaries such as material transport systems, conveyor belts, metals separators, roller feeders etc...
    Just ask our experienced sales team.

    Also may be suitable for other materials e.g. sandalwood etc.

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ZERMA GSH600/800 Granulator reducing size of PET bottles

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