Hopper Loaders/Vacuum Loading Equipment

  • Hopper Loaders, Self-contained [Shini]

    Self-contained SAL-330 / 360 series adopt single phase carbon brush motor with superior suction power and easy installation. It is particularly suitable for conveying new materials. SAL-430 / 460 series use a three phase inductive motor with low nois...
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  • Hopper Loaders, Separate Vacuum [Shini]

    SAL-G series “Standard” separate-vacuum hopper loaders are suitable for conveying material over long distance. SAL-700G/800G/800G2 are for one to one combination, while SAL-900G/900G2 are for one to two combination. All models adopt stainless steel h...
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  • Masterbatch Feeders [Movacolor]

    Automatic hopper loaders for masterbatch, regrind and free flowing powder ME hopper loader for masterbatch and regrind With the automatic hopper loader for masterbatch and regrind, the hopper will automatically be filled. This is an advantage b...
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  • Venturi Loaders [Shini]

    VL series venturi loaders use fast flowing pressurized air to create a vacuum that is used to convey various plastic granules. Air pressure is around 6~8kgf/cm2.Features European Type appearance , compact in size and light-weighted. Stainless stee...
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