Mixing/Blending Machines

  • Masterbatch Feeders [Movacolor]

    In-line mixers for injection molding or extrusion For the majority of PET injection molding or extrusion processes the general in-line dosing principle works and mixing is unnecessary. When the plasticizing screw of the extruder or injection moldi...
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  • Material Mixing and Blending [Shini]

    To achieve the aim of mixing material, screw blades are used to generate vortex. Materials are sucked towards mixing screws at the center of hopper bottom by vortex, then materials whirl upward to the top and fall down so that the evenly mixing can b...
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  • Mixers, Auger [CTS]

    Features * Large Diameter Stainless Steel Auger * Highly Polished Stainless Steel Contact Parts for Ease of Cleaning * Designed for Automatic Operation * Small Footprint * Easy Access for Cleaning, Maintenance and Reduced Downtime These ...
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  • Mixers, Fountain Blend [CTS]

    These mixers are designed to mix large quantities of resins or like products very quickly. They can be easily fed with the initial ingredients via the inlet hopper (580mm high) and the mixed product can be easily removed from the mixer via the outlet...
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