Calini Coiling Machine (Pipe/Profile) 2002

  • Calini Coiling Machine (Pipe/Profile) 2002

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    Calini twin station cooler
    Manual roll changeover
    Minimum core 550mm
    Maximum core 1,500
    Maximum 1,250 to 2,200mm
    Useful height. 350mm
    Useful width. 150 to 400mm

    Model Twin 2200
    Approx 2002

    Winding range 25-63mm diameter
    Coil weight. 400kg max
    Winding speed. 30 mpm max
    Installed power. 6kW
    Traversing type. GTI
    Winding type with controlled bend

    Dimensions. 560 x 570 x 450 cm
    Weight. 10500 kg

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