75mm x 48:1L/D(Co-rotating) Telford Smith TSE-75T-48 Extruder (Twin Screw) 2014

  • 75mm x 48:1L/D(Co-rotating) Telford Smith TSE-75T-48 Extruder (Twin Screw) 2014

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    Year of manufacture: 2014
    Hours of operation circa 500 since new - a limited Warranty may be discussed
    Drying equipment for fibre pellets comprising two insulated Hopper Dryers and one Dehumidifier
    Gravimetric blending system for polymer and additives (Polymer + 3 additives)
    Pneumatic conveying equipment
    Telford Smith 75mm x 48D co rotating twin screw Extruder
    Vacuum venting system
    Twin screw side feed Extruder for fibre pellets with Gravimetric feeder
    Melt Pump from China source
    Extrusion dies and Calibrators for 90 x 35mm & 125 x 13mm profiles. Both tooling sets suitable for single profile. Made by TSE.
    2 x 5 metre long spray Cooling tanks - limited line capacity with these short tanks
    Caterpillar Haul off/Travelling Saw combination from China source
    Tilt table
    Extruder control panel with PLC based system and touch screen
    Semi automatic control system for feeding and dosing equipment
    All equipment complies with AS/NZ electrical and safety standards
    Expected throughput: 400 to 800 kg/hr depending on material and profile

    Availability: 4 to 6 weeks ex works China

    Available with upgrade for Co-Extrusion. Please inquire for relevant layout and costings.

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